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Ready to have your bible rebound? Fill out the following online form or scan below to download a printable form.


Thank you for the opportunity to recover your bible! Once we receive your information we will be with you shortly via email or text. Thanks so much!

If filling out an online form isn’t your thing…. you can always download and print the sheet below. Then, highlight your options and send it to us with your bible.

Please follow these steps to have your bible rebound……
1. Download and print the PRICING sheet for options and pricing.
2. Customize your bible by filling out the pricing sheet and selecting the options you’d like to have done to your bible. See below for a variety of descriptions for options.
3. Send your bible to 7157 Whitebridge Rd., Memphis, TN 38135 along with your pricing sheet with the instructions of what you’d like to have done to your bible. You can also contact me for questions before mailing bible.
4. I accept payment via PayPal and personal check. Payment is submitted once bible is completed.

Choose your leather color?

We have a lot of colors to choose from! If you do not see the color you desire, don’t worry, we can custom order it for you! For more color & style options visit our Facebook and Instagram page at Memphis Bibles.

Decorative Ribs?

Decorative ribs add a nice unique touch to your rebound bible. Although they look great decorative ribs on the spine do not add to the integrity of the bible. All bibles we recover and rebind will come with a solid spine.


Depending on the width of your bible we can include as many as 4 or even 5 ribbons on your rebind.

Bible Yapp?

Perfect Bound Binding? Pages Falling Out?

Does your bible have pages falling out? It is possible you have a “perfect bound bible”. This simply means the pages have been glued together. Over time, your glue will begin to breakdown causing your pages and sections to separate. We can fix “perfect bound bibles” as well.

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